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Give your sled a 100 year lifespan

Without blowing our trumpets too much, we want to say that we can do wonders with your old sled! Maybe you just want to start using it again, or maybe even give it to your children or grandchildren. Let our expert craftsmen lovingly bring your beloved sled back to life for you.

A common problem is that the Canopy is worn or is torn. Or maybe the middle wooden runner on the bottom of the sled is worn (the brass runner is missing). Cracks forming in the bottom part of plywood, which is possibly due to the sled not being tarred or that it has been left out in the sun all summer. Don’t worry, these repairs can be done

at a reasonable cost! And remember, this small investment will give you many years of use and fun in years to come.

Many Segebaden sleds have long histories and high sentimental value. Maybe two or three generations have slept in the sled during family ski trips. One such treasure is worth preserving and let it live on for generations to come

If you want to work on your sled yourself, you can order a new Canopy or even spare parts from us. Or you can send it to us and let us do all the work to bring your sled up to tip top condition.

Please feel free to contact us with any of your Segebaden sled questions or thoughts.