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Avalanche Foldable Shaft
The world's first Shaft that can be converted to Avalanche probe . Updated text will be coming soon
SEK 1,750
Foldable Shaft
Our new foldable shaft consists of 3 parts that all can be stowed in a pulk that is at least 125...
SEK 1,450
Dog Shaft Single Dog
A Shaft for one dog based on a 10mm aluminiumrod, choose for one dog. The shaft has 2 attachment...
SEK 1,350
Dogshaft Lenghtener
Lenghten your dogshaft to run several dogs, one peice per dog, the bottom shaft is bought...
SEK 1,350
SEK 650
Our shafts are based on simple principles, we want it to work in a simple way when you are out. Our products are also repairable in the field, or we have solved it so that it possibly to manage to get home if an accident should occur. No one should get into a situation where the equipment unusable. We have put a lot of focus on it and our shafts are designed with the help of Sports Tech at Mid Sweden University, together with our knowledge of the use. We also take into account things like storage and transport, ie how to dispose of their Skakel when you are not using it on the tour.