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Using Tar to Protect your Sled

To get the maximum life from your sled and trouble free mountain tours, it is important that your sled protected with tar. Tar gives your sled moisture

protection; seals small cracks and lets the sled glide over snow and ice. 


Questions and answers

1. How often should I tar sled?

How often should you give his wife flowers? If you want to have a long and good relationship with your sled, it must be nurtured and given lots of love. The tar wears away during use, so if you use the sledge often should the tarred at least once a year. Furthermore, store your sled in dark place when not in use.

2. Do need to heat the tar?

To get the best results it is advised that you heat the tar and wipes away the excess while the tar is still hot. But we have also produced a free-flowing product that you do not need to warm up. It allows you to brush on, let it soak in for half an hour, then wipe off the excess. You will get a good result, but it won’t be as good as using hot tar and it will protect your sled.

3. How many coats does a bottle of tar give?

One bottle is enough tar to 2-6 coats depending on sled’s size and how worn it is.

Here's how we do:

1. Pour the tar on the base of the sled.
2. Distribute the tar with a cloth or brush.
3. Heat up the tar with a heat gun or torch. Then wipe off the excess tar while it is still hot so that you get a dry and fine surface.
4. Let the sled sit in the sun for a few days to allow the tar to dry out completely and get a nice patina.