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Life is what you choose to fill it with.

Tag along on the adventure of your life

We offer a seven day long experience that we guaranty will become a memory for life – both physically and mentally. It is a trip that starts in the 1800's and ends in the present.

The adventure starts with you getting to build you own sled and treat it with tar that you yourself have cooked (using methods from the 1800's).

Then we head out to the mountains of Jämtland for a three day trip in the untouched wilderness. During the trip you'll get all the help you need from experienced guides as well as a trained Siberian husky (one dog per participant). We will cook both moose and reindeer and we will try to catch our own arctic char fish and prepare it out on the mountain.

The pulk that you made yourself is yours to bring home, and with it, and the experiences you have gathered, you are ready for new adventures to come!

Everything is included in this trip, from the minute we pick you up at Are/Ostersund airport until we drop you off again one week later after a mind blowing adventure in the Swedish mountains. If you don't have the required equipment, we'll gear you up with that as well. All you need is clothes to keep you warm and dry and intermediate skiing experience. (After you have signed up we will contact you and go through the details and provide you with a check list) 


The total price for this unique all inclusive experience is 50000sek per person out of which 20% is paid as a deposit when you make your reservation. The remaining 40000sek is paid in full upon arrival. A travel guarantee is included, which gives you a full refund if the trip for some reason get's cancelled from our end.


This is an experience of a life time and there are only a few people every year that get the chance to make this trip! We want to make sure you are getting the most out of it, so the groups are limited to 2-4 people to allow our two guides to have all the time needed to focus on making your experience great. 


Given the small groups, we can be flexible with your trips dates within the period March 1st to April 30th. Did you know that there is a direct flight with Easyjet from London to Are/Ostersund during this period, we would definitely recommend that you book you flight with them. 


If you are interested in this unique experience, contact us directly at dan@segebadenpulkan.se for more details! 


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