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Wooden Pulk BP Mini
This is the perfect sled for when you want to go off trail as it is a bit narrower 41 cm in width...
In stock: 99
SEK 4,500
Wooden Pulk bp
Wooden Pulk bp
In stock: 204
SEK 6,500
Wooden Pulk 1940 short
Wooden Pulk 1940 short
In stock: 1
SEK 5,000
Wooden Pulk 1940 standard
Wooden pulk 1940 Standard.
In stock: 0
SEK 6,000

Wooden pulk

Over the years it has produced a lot of different sleds from Segebaden. You can see some of them on the price list of 1962 below. Today, we choose to build three different models.

The model that we have sold most, is BP, children's sled. It is an all-round sled that goes well both on and off the trails.

We have also decided to re-introduce an old model from the 40's. It is wider and slightly more stable than the BP and fits well when you go most snowmobile trails  and in sloping terrain. Sledge from the 40s is available as short and standard. In all our sleds are plenty of packing space and no matter what you choose, it goes into crosswise in a normal car.

All our sleds can be equipped with a backrest, windshield, guild iron and more. The dimensions given on the different sleds are approximate because they are the result of a craft. No sledging are alike!

Today, many focusing on weight when they buy sledding. The difference in weight on a fiberglass sled and a träpulka is about 2 kg, load them by 30 kg, the final difference is marginal. Today slides Woodenpulkas as good thanks to the plastic rails that we use. But what ultimately makes Woodenpulka a clear winner is its soul and lifetime (we provide a 25 year guarantee on the wooden parts of all our Woodenpulkas). Are you still unsure about whether you should choose a Woodenpulka? Imagine then the lovely smell of tar and new wood ...